To Be Continued

by Shirley Love

Cherokee Strip Land Run 1893

Photo from the Oklahoma Historical Society Archives, Original by William S. Prettyman.


On September 16, 1893, the starting gun signaled the opening of the Cherokee Outlet Territory where 40,000 claims of 160 acres each were offered. Over 100,000 settlers participated in the Land Run.

This book explores the lives of our ancestors who made that run and settled in Oklahoma. It also traces their roots back into Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Germany. Today their descendants have spread across the entire span of the United States and beyond.

TO BE CONTINUED is not just a book of genealogy, but a book outlining the history of a family... our family, and the historical significance of our family. We did make a difference in the history of this nation.

The Story of our pioneer family

by Shirley Love

I had no idea what was in store for me when Aunt Maggie asked if I had a picture of Grandma Nellie Newland that she could have copied for her children.  Of course, finding the picture of my grandma was no problem. I had in my possession an old trunk full of pictures that had belonged to my mom and dad, and I knew there were numerous family photos inside. I had briefly browsed the contents after my parents had passed away; and realizing the monumental task of sorting, identifying, and attempting to get them to the proper families had seemed too large to tackle at the time. So, I decided to wait until my brother came for a visit and ask for his help. That was several years ago, and the trunk had nearly been forgotten......until Aunt Maggie asked for that picture of grandma.

When I opened the trunk after all those years, I was greeted by faces of members of the family who had gone to their reward long ago. Some brought back happy thoughts of my childhood and events that had faded into the back of my memory. Others filled me with such sadness as I recalled days that were long gone, and unsaid words that should have been spoken, unfulfilled deeds that should have been done. Still others left me puzzled. There were so many pictures of people who I could not identify. I knew they were family members, and I could recall places where I had seen them....reunions, birthday parties, funerals...but they were like strangers. This should never happen! Not within your own family!

Then it occured to me that there were many people I could identify who would be a complete mystery to my children unless I took action to acquaint them with their ancestors.
That should not be too difficult an undertaking...should it?
Was I in for a shock!